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Name Category Zip Code Web Pages
Musician/Band 07009
Official   Wikipedia   MySpace   Twitter   
General Topic 12345
Official   Wikipedia   Twitter   Facebook   MySpace   
General Topic 10001
Wikipedia   Santa Claus   Twitter   
Musician/Band 30274
Wikipedia   MySpace   Facebook   
Musician/Band 90028
Official   Wikipedia   MySpace   Facebook   
Actor/Model 93420
Wikpedia   MySpace   IMDB   Facebook   
General Topic 10011
Official   MySpace   Facebook   Wikipedia   IMDB   
Business/Professional 95827
Musician/Band 90210
Official   Wikipedia   Twitter   Facebook   MySpace   
Musician/Band 90210
Official   Wikipedia   Facebook   
Worker Bee 77549
Business/Professional 11758
Business/Professional 20500
MySpace   Facebook   Twitter   Wikipedia   
Musician/Band 10001
Official   Wikipedia   MySpace   Facebook   
General Topic 11223
Actor/Model 90210
Wikipedia   MySpace   IMDB   Twitter   
General Topic 90028
Official   Wikipedia   Twitter   MySpace   
Business/Professional 48420
General Topic 12345   WSOP   Wikipedia   
Musician/Band 94720
Official   MySpace   Facebook   Twitter   Wikipedia   
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